Personal Branding Trai‍‍‍ning & ‍‍‍Coaching

Help your teams thrive‍‍‍, attract & excel!

How to Be the Starbucks of Personal Brands, from Invisible to In-Demand

Our Personal Branding Training's are different than our Talks and Workshops in that they are typically two or more hours and follow a series of well-crafted objectives that produce specific Personal Branding deliverables and outcomes.

Whereas, our Talks and Wor‍‍‍kshops serve as Personal Branding overviews and introductions designed to show audiences the potential of their own in-demand brand.

What makes our trainings unique are that we build compelling cases around the world’s largest, most recognizable, big box brands (i.e. Starbucks, Macy’s, Chick-Fila, etc.) in order to draw parallels between their recipe and what it takes to create a successful Personal Brand.

We offer instructor led, virtual or onsite training sessions, that are inventive, interactive and carefully guided curriculum's which follow a results-driven agenda around the following Topics:

Level 1 Basic- Starbucks of Personal Brands Discovery (6 objectives)

Topic: Your Personal Brand Secret Sauce and 5 C’s recipe to success.

Level 2 Advanced- Starbucks of Personal Brands Development (6 objectives)

Topic: Your 7 Ways from Invisible to In-demand Personal Brand Plan

Level 3 Mastery- Starbucks of Personal Brands Marketing (6 objectives)

Topic: Your Success Expresso Marketing for Pro’s!

***Each Training includes a goals session, participant handbooks, student hand-outs, templates, real-time strategies, tangible deliverables, evaluations and a certificate of completion.

Scheduling Duration: Each training can be delivered in the following duration upon client’s request.

  • Half Day (2-4 hours)
  • Full Day (4-6 hours)
  • Week (4 consecutive business days)
  • 5 Week Bootcamp (consecutive  recurring week day or evening sessions)

***Each Training Level requires at least a half day to a full day to complete.  If interested in obtaining multi levels of Personal Branding Training, select the week or multiple days to facilitate.

Our Partner’s ‍‍‍Experiences

“Everyone is talking about how great the luncheon was yesterday and how much they loved what you shared! I look forward to talking with you more about coming to VA again to share. –Heather T., Managing Director of eWomen, Richmond, VA

“The MVP report has been instrumental in prepping my clients for job interviews. I recently coached a new attorney using the MVP report. She called me after the interview exploding with excitement. She said it was the most fun she’s had on an interview because she felt so prepared she was able to be herself. We’ll find out soon about the job. But seeing how confident she is now is rewarding in it and of itself.” –Attorney Anitra B., Raleigh, NC‍‍‍

“This training is $7,000.00 worth of training. You could run your entire business off this model.”–Peter P., Huntsville, Alabama‍‍‍

“Recently I heard Dawn Nicole speak at The Woman’s Advantage Spring Retreat in Myrtle Beach.  She presented a workshop to the attendees that was outstanding.  She provided great information and she also fully engaged her audience as she presented.  That is a rare gift and she did this so naturally.  Her information was so helpful that everyone got an action plan from it to actually use in their own lives.  I highly recommend Dawn Nicole as a speaker for your organization or event.” –Lori Dvorak. The Woman’s Advantage Chair, Charlotte, NC

Our Personal Branding Live Discovery Inter-Actives offer a hands-on, high energy and fun way for audiences to discover...

Where they thrive,‍‍‍ Who they attract and How they excel!

Listening, Learning and Laugh‍‍‍ter (No pen and paper allowed)‍‍‍

An entertaining alternative to traditional learning, with no pen and paper allowed, our What’s Your Secret Sauce?™ Live Discovery Interactives are designed as an accelerated drill that takes audiences through 45 minutes to an hour, of pure-dee fun by allowing groups and organizations to focus only on where they thrive, who they attract and how they excel!

These sessions are instructor led by our team and require participants to spend 15 minutes identifying with the Secret Sauce that best describes their greatest passion, followed by 30 minutes of scenario based role play around their Secret Sauce Type.‍‍‍

Once a Secret Sauce type is quickly identified for each attendee, the audience is segmented by Secret Sauce Teams and that’s when ‍‍‍the fun begins! The diverse Secret Sauce Teams MUST use their combined Secret Success factors to work as one to accomplish a common goal!

Each scenario has been pre-determined to match the appropriation of the audience demographic.

See some of the ways Our Clients use our Live Discovery Inter-Actives

Office Parties

Vision Parties

Team Building Activities

Seminar Entertainment


Couples Ministries/Date Nights

Business Events

Networking Events