Coupleprenuers Demario McIlwain and Dawn Nicole, who describe themselves as misfits of mainstream, combined their businesses and love in the Summer of 2016 to create the perfect Secret Sauce for Success.

Demario, a 10 year Army Veteran, served as an Automated Logistical Specialist (92a) in the U.S. Military, while moonlighting by nights and weekends as a performing lead musicia‍‍‍n who toured internationally.

Dawn Nicole, a Portfolio Management Professional (P.M.P.) & Certified Scrum Master (C.S.M), spent 19 years in corporate leadership while moonlighting as a creative performing arts director writing and producing songs, plays, independent films, and novels.

These anomalies in the couples' individual success stories are what is meant by "misfits of mainstream", in that while the pair always excelled in mainstream missions, they both approached every challenge, task or proposition from an atypical, different perspective, driven by the combination of their passions, skills, and talents.

This ambidextrous vantage point used by the couple seemed to result in giving each of them a more competitive advantage or "Secret Sauce" that was worth exploring further once the two joined forces.


As respective business owners, the couple decided to combine their two entities to create and explore how they could use their blended Secret Sauces to help others. McIlwain, Owner of JDS Certified Inc. a Digital Marketing Company and Nicole, Owner of DawnNicole 360, LLC a Business Development Company, merged their focuses and became inspired to create a new Secret Sauce discovery language and methodology.

This inspiration came about after realizing how many people (including themselves at one point) were unaware of the value their passion, natural talents, and skills could offer the world. This is because traditionally, society had not been designed to place significant value on the factors that make us unique or dynamic. Ultimately, the pair believed everyone deserved an opportunity to be seen, heard and matter and as a result of this belief, they went into the lab and developed what is known today as... "What's Your Secret Sauce?™" A cutting-edge Personal Branding methodology designed for new-age thinking in a new-era of relationship building & value proposition marketing.‍‍‍

After using the techniques in practice with their own private clientele, and achieving massive success and results, the couple introduced the "What's Your Secret Sauce?™" methodology to the public in Feb 2017 via the BrandDisco© Online Tool available through their website. The tool has been beta-tested and widely used by multiple industries, roles, and demographics with supporting success stories.

Today, the couple travels the nation Speaking, Training and Consulting with HR Professionals, Organizational Leaders, Entrepreneurs, etc. on the Power of the Personal Brand and the "What's Your Secret Sauce?™" methodology which is guiding more and more people to realize the driving force behind their success faster than ever before.Their concept places the most emphasis on who you are, rather than what you do. The key is to figure out how to maximize and get the best results out of understanding who you are. From there, they help to reveal how who you are can only enhance what you do.

This Secret Sauce Couleprenuer Team has pioneered the Personal Branding Space by introducing new Global BrandDisco© Technology which helps you discover your Secret Sauce faster, earlier and more often than ever before!

The new BrandDisco© tool, which is perfect for Self-Discovery, Client-Discovery or Enterprise-Discovery, is set to officially launch in popular markets by late summer of 2018 with a focus on T‍‍‍alent Screening and Professional Development.

Co-Founders Demario McIlwain and Dawn Nicole are happy to share Secret Sauce Personal Branding Strategies, or their inspirational Success Stories with you and your teams.

Also, 'Explore what's More' with Key-members of your organization by introducing this cutting edge new Secret Sauce and Personal Branding Discovery tool to your teams today!




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