BrandDisco© User Experience Feedback

“This assessment was challenging to answer about myself. I did it and it was point on! The description on my "secret sauce" was very beneficial and accurate.Thanks to this magnificent team!” -Verbena McIlwaine, CEO of Verve’ Hair Salon

"Appreciate the feedback and the side effects that you stated in the email response definitely reflects some of the issues I needed addressed in the past when I started my first business"Neet Childs, CEO of Neet Childs and Associates

“Omg! My outcome of the Emerald Sauce was right to the Tee! I cried because they described me very well and now I'm ready to go to the next level!”Veronica Lockhart, CEO of Korrections Hair Salon

“Wow! Dawn Nicole’s Secret Sauce program gave my business, POPUP Law Firm, a whole new life. This rebirth truly reflects my personality and values. In the process of “Bossing My Sauce,” I stumbled upon research and another assessment that confirmed everything Dawn Nicole revealed about me. The difference? These tools required dozens of questions and over an hour to complete. Dawn Nicole uses only eight questions to get to your Secret Sauce! I am simply amazed at her accuracy and wisdom!”Anitra K. Brown, Attorney and CEO of Popup Law Firm

Get Your BrandDisco© Feedback Re‍‍‍port Now‍‍‍

BrandDisco© offers three User ‍‍‍Models with two report types

Type 1: Basic Report Feedback auto-generated in frame. (i.e. Secret Sauce Success Values, Areas of improvement and best partners and clients.)

Type 2: Deluxe Report feedback auto-generated emailed. (i.e. Basic Findings plus, Public Perception of Value, Competitive Advantage, Credibility, Benefit Impact and Culture Fit.)

Model A. Self-Discovery

Model B. Client Discovery

(Pay Per User monthly subscr‍‍‍iption)

Model C. Enterprise Discovery

(Pay per location annual flat fee)

‘Up for a new job, looking to get promoted or hoping to switch careers? Discover the Secret Sauce of your Personal Brand in just a matter of minutes.

Free Basic Report Feedback auto-generated in frame.


‍‍‍Recruiting job candidates, helping college students choose their area of major or consulting with clients and need to understand how to best leverage their Personal Brands, highest value proposition or maximize their winning traits?

The BrandDisco© cutting edge assessment will provide you with an early often purview transforming the invisible to in-demand. Get started now by setting up your Company's Client Discovery account today!


‍‍‍Does your business rely on the early screening of talent and or forecasting the potential of performance capabilities? Will you need BrandDisco© for multiple locations?

The BrandDisco© cutting edge assessment will provide you with an early often purview transforming the invisible to in-demand. Get started now by setting up your Company’s Enterprise Discovery account today!

"A quick and r‍‍‍eliable tool like Brand Disco would have made the decisions regarding selection and career placement more efficient.  The innovative methodology used to identity an individuals “Secret Sauce” will now allow Organizations to maximize human capital performance.   This is ground breaking technology every employer and individual needs in order to discover “Secret Sauce” and ensure candidates with the best scientific fit are quickly selected for new positions and existing employees are assigned to positions and teams, where they will thrive and succeed.  Brand Disco is a value proposition organizations can’t afford to be without.”- Gisa S., PHR, SHRM-CP

BrandDisco© is an automated Personal Brand discovery tool which offers Professionals a 3 in 1 solution around Candida‍‍‍te Talent Screening, Professional Development Assessments, and Workforce Talent Capacity resulting in an early and often indicator of Value, Vision, and Volume!

Designed to revolutionize the power of the Personal Brand by categorizing users as one of six Secret Sauce types outlining high-success value factors, areas of opportunity and compatibility, BrandDisco© provides each user with an immediate Secret Sauce basic feedback report.

Auto-generated within the viewing frame, users are also offered an upgrade option that allows them to receive a deluxe report at the time of initialization, if they select this option.

Used by recruiters and leaders of all kinds (i.e. Career Search, Workplace, College, Military, etc., ) for candidate talent-screening and performance evaluation, or by coaches and consultants, as a means of discovering their client’s Personal Brands early and often, BrandDisco© works quickly and is highly effective.

The BrandDisco© assessment uses a trademarked behavioral communications methodology called “What’s Your Secret Sauce?™” which was strategically designed to discover the power of one’s Personal Brand, (i.e. where they thrive, who they attract and how they excel) including how to better develop and market their Personal Brand to succeed within highly competitive or under-served industries.