Our Personal Branding Live Discovery Inter-Actives offer a hands-on, high energy and fun way for audiences to discover...‍‍‍

Where they thrive, Who they attract and How they excel!

Listening, Learning and Laughter (No pen and paper allowed)

An entertaining alternative to traditional learning, with no pen and paper allowed, our What’s Your Secret Sauce?™ Live Discovery Interactives are designed as an accelerated drill that takes audiences through 45 minutes to an hour, of pure-dee fun by allowing groups and organizations to focus only on where they thrive, who they attract and how they excel!

These sessions are instructor led by our team and require participants to spend 15 minutes identifying with the Secret Sauce that best describes their greatest passion, followed by 30 minutes of scenario based role play around their Secret Sauce Type.

Once a Secret Sauce type is quickly identified for each attendee, the audience is segmented by Secret Sauce Teams and that’s when the fun begins! The diverse Secret Sauce Teams MUST use‍‍‍ their combined Secret Success factors to work as one to accomplish a common goal!

Each scenario has been pre-determined to match the appropriation of the audience demographic.

See some of the ways Our Clients use our Live Discovery Inter-Actives

Office Parties

Vision Parties

Team Building Activities

Seminar Entertainment


Couples Ministries/Date Nights

Business Events

Networking Events