"What's Your Secret Sauce?"™ is a Personal Brand ‍‍discovery & marketing platform that helps Influencers, Teams, and Organizations better present their top value proposition ‍‍to key decision-makers in less time.


Our Proven Track Record

We provide public and exclusive Secret Sauce workshops for companies nationwide.

“I appreciate the feedback and the side effects that you stated in the response [it] definitely reflects some of the issues I needed addressed in the past when I started my first business.”

Neet Childs, CEO of Neet Childs and Associates

“Omg! My outcome of the Emerald Sauce was right to the Tee! I cried because they described me very well and now I'm ready to go to the next level!”

Veronica Lockhart

“Mrs. Dawn Nicole, Thank you for your coaching session given to our group on April 14, 2017. I am so excited about my discovering of my S.A.U.C.E! My assessment perfectly describes me and I am now empowered to move both personal/professional relationships to the next level. YOU ARE AMAZING! I look forward to future sessions with you to learn how to BOSS MY SAUCE

Pamela Mullen, Realtor of Worthy and Associations

“The MVP report has been instrumental in prepping my clients for job interviews. I recently coached a new attorney using the MVP report. She called me after the interview exploding with excitement. She said it was the most fun she’s had on an interview because she felt so prepared she was able to be herself. We’ll find out soon about the job. But seeing how confident she is now is rewarding in it and of itself.

Anitra K. Brown, Attorney and Counselor at Law

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While other programs and to‍‍‍ols may discover a person's best skills or strengths, many neglect to guide users through how to develop, integrate and market those strengths as a way to increase their value proposition or obtain competitive advantage.

Additionally, we believe one's highest and best value proposition comes from the combination of all of their personal skills, experiences and passions vs. just one or two core strengths, as is the case with most of the traditional tools.

‍‍We saw this as a real gap in the marketplace and as a result implemented a Personal Branding discovery tool and marketing platform as a faster, simpler and better experience for identifying the highest and best value proposition of the total person.

Introducing BrandDisco©, an automated Personal Brand discovery tool by "What's Your Secret Sauce?"™ which offers Professionals a 3 in 1 solution around Candidate Talent Screening, Professional Development Assessments, and Workforce Talent Capacity resulting in an early and often indicator of Value, Vision, and Volume!

Our trademarked self-discovery method focuses on helping our clients present their best combined value proposition to achieve more success.

This also includes understan‍‍‍ding how an individual's combined value proposition works collaboratively to contribute to the success of a team.

Dynamic teams begin with understanding the dynamic of its people and our solution provides that clarity.

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Our mission is helping you to grow your vision, value proposition and volume from invisible to in demand by revolutionizing the power of your personal brand!Whether it's helping recruiters to more quickly discover the differences amongst common candidates or helping Executive Leaders to better leverage the diversity of their teams."What's Your Secret Sauce?"™ and its cutting-edge programs and tools are helping to connect the dots for people and teams around the world and we want to do the same for you!


Discover today which 1 of 6 SECRET SAUCES best describes your market value and join the growing culture of those who are experiencing more!

Through BrandDisco©, we make it possible for the masses to quickly discover their best combined value ‍‍‍proposition‍‍ based on 6 Secret Sauce factors each with pre-defined selling points. BrandDisco© requires every user to answer a brief strategic quiz before identifying them as 1 of 6 Secret Sauce types producing a 1-Page instant Secret Sauce report highlighting where they thrive, who they attract & how they excel!

See our signature sauce rack below each filled with high performing value propositions. Which Secret Sauce are you?

In addition to BrandDisco©, our online discovery tool, "What's Your Secret Sauce?"™ offers a full suite of Personal Branding experiences which focus on Discovery, Development and Marketing as a collective or delivered individually, at your own pace to meet you where you are.  (See Services)

Although your journey should begin with BrandDisco©, to go from beginning to winning in creating your in ‍‍‍demand Personal Brand, we recommend that you take full advantage of our consulting, coaching and trainings for professionals or teams topped-off by our digital marketing services which we believe is the most important part of growing your brand.

We believe more innovative Personal Branding solutions means a wider array of results.