What's Your Secret Sauce? ™ is a team of Personal Branding Experts who focuses o‍‍‍n Discovery, Development & Marketing of your Personal Brand.


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We provide public and exclusive Secret Sauce workshops for companies nationwide.

“I appreciate the feedback and the side effects that you stated in the response [it] definitely reflects some of the issues I needed addressed in the past when I started my first business.”

Neet Childs, CEO of Neet Childs and Associates‍‍‍

“Omg! My outcome of the Emerald Sauce was right to the Tee! I cried because they described me very well and now I'm ready to go to the next level!”‍‍‍

Veronica Lockhart‍‍‍

“Mrs. Dawn Nicole, Thank you for your coaching session given to our group on April 14, 2017. I am so excited about my discovering of my S.A.U.C.E! My assessment perfectly describes me and I am now empowered to move both personal/professional relationships to the next level. YOU ARE AMAZING! I look forward to future sessions with you to learn how to BOSS MY SAUCE

Pamela Mullen, Realtor of Worthy and Associations‍‍‍ ‍‍‍‍‍‍

“The MVP report has been instrumental in prepping my clients for job interviews. I recently coached a new attorney using the MVP report. She called me after the interview exploding with excitement. She said it was the most fun she’s had on an interview because she felt so prepared she was able to be herself. We’ll find out soon about the job. But seeing how confident she is now is rewarding in it and of itself.

Anitra K. Brown, Attorney and Counselor at Law ‍‍‍

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We help people, teams and companies excel at doing what they LOVE, while attracting others who LOVE what they do!

Our team approaches Personal Branding from a socially engaging perspective that analyzes the world's largest big box brands in order to draw parallels between their recipe for success and that of your personal brand.

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